Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My book post

If I should die before I wake

Lurlene McDaniel


Realistic fiction

This book is about a girl and a boy who like each other. The boy ends of sick with cancer and goes to the hospital. The girl goes and visits him and helps him out.

My summary

The book I am reading is called "If I Should Die Before I Wake" it was made by lurlene McDaniel. Otis a bit confusing to understand but I am on chapter 6 going into 7. This is the part where they find out about the boy having cancer and he is staying in the how to see if he gets cured and the girl is staying in the hospital during that time well some of the time she helps him out when he does not want to eat. The nurse in the story who helps the boy and he did not want to eat when it was time to to eat, the girl was leaving because she had to get home but then the boy told the nurse he did not want to eat so the girl said that she would stay and eat with him and she did and so he ate. The jurse said that she is being very helpful. That is the part of the story I am on.